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The MRT retail space application is a bidding process. To participate in the MRT retail space application you are required to submit the Application form. Please read all the information provided and follow the steps carefully for the application process. For proposals that are insufficient in documentation, the application will be disqualified.

Eligible Participant

You are an eligible participant if you meet the basic mandatory requirements listed below:

  1. Your business is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). Supporting documents to be provided.
  2. Your business has a minimum paid-up capital of RM 50,000.00 for lots marked (*) or RM 20,000.00 for lots marked (^). Supporting documents to be provided.
  3. Your business has at least two (2) years for lots marked (*) or one (1) year for lots marked (^) of similar / relevant / related experience to the trade applied. Supporting documents to be provided.
  4. To submit a full and complete business proposal as outlined in the business proposal requirement.
  5. The minimum value for bidding is no less than RM 200 from the base licence fee.

Any application that does not meet ALL of the above will automatically be disqualified.

How to apply

Read all the information provided in the Retail Space Application Guideline
Download, print and fill in the Retail Space Application Form For Licence Fee (Rental Price), please click here or email your request to
Submit your hardcopy application form along with all required supporting documents to MRT Corp headquarters before the specified deadline.
  • Please ensure your proposal is neatly bound and submitted in A4 sized envelopes.
  • Colour copy is not necessary. Please ensure the text and/or illustrations in your proposal is clear and readable.
  • You may apply for more than one retail space per company.
  • Each retail space will require one full set of the retail application. Example: Company X wants to apply for retail space 1, 2 and 3. Therefore company X will need to submit three (3) application forms for the retail spaces.

Retail Space for Rent

The units below are available for lease. Please click on the floor plan for detailed view of the location.

NoStationUnit NoPriority Type of TradeUnit Area, m2Retail LocationFloor Plan
1.        Damansara Damai^K2005-1Services/Grab & Go F&B20.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
2.        Damansara Damai^K2005-2Convenience Store20.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
3.        Damansara Damai*K2005-3Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
4.        Damansara Damai*K2005-4Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
5.        Sri Damansara Barat^K2006-1Convenience Store24.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
6.        Sri Damansara Barat^K2006-2Services/Grab & Go F&B18.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
7.        Sri Damansara Barat*K2006-3Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
8.        Sri Damansara Barat*K2006-4Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
9.        Sri Damansara Sentral*K2007-1Convenience Store27.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
10.    Sri Damansara Sentral^K2007-2Services/Grab & Go F&B16.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
11.    Sri Damansara Sentral*K2007-3Services18.00Paid ConcourseDownload
12.    Sri Damansara Sentral*K2007-4Services18.00Paid ConcourseDownload
13.    Sri Damansara Timur*K2008-1Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
14.    Sri Damansara Timur*K2008-2Convenience Store20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
15.    Metro Prima^K2009-1Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
16.    Metro Prima*K2009-2Convenience Store30.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
17.    Kepong Baru*K2010-1Convenience Store19.00Paid ConcourseDownload
18.    Kepong Baru*K2010-2Services19.00Paid ConcourseDownload
19.    Jinjang^K2011-1Convenience Store25.00Unpaid ConcourseDownload
20.    Jinjang*K2011-2Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
21.    Jinjang*K2011-3Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
22.    Sri Delima*K2012-1Convenience Store21.00Paid ConcourseDownload
23.    Sri Delima*K2012-2Services18.00Paid ConcourseDownload
24.    Kampung Batu*K2013-1Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
25.    Kampung Batu*K2013-2Services20.00Paid ConcourseDownload
26.    Kampung Batu*K2013-3Convenience Store17.58Unpaid ConcourseDownload


a) All retail units are equipped with built-in fire protection system linked to the station Operations Control Centre (OCC). This feature has been incorporated into the station design to ensure added safety precautions.

b) All retail units are provided with base shop specifications such as metered isolator (63 amp 3 phase), metered cold water piping, floor trap, fire roller shutter, emergency escape door and smoke detector.

Application Forms

All applications must be completed and submitted by hand to:

Procurement Counter,
Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (“MRT Corp”),
Level 6, Menara I&P 1,
No. 46, Jalan Dungun Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission is before 28 May 2021, 12.00 pm. Any submission beyond this date and time will not be accepted.

Proposals will be automatically disqualified if:

      • The basic mandatory requirements are not all met
      • The proposal is unclear or vague and/or incomplete
      • The minimum value for bidding is lower than RM 200 from the base licence fee

Contact for Enquiries

For inquiries on this retail space application, please email Phone calls will not be entertained.