Putrajaya Line Trains


The train’s exterior image takes into consideration the specific view of the train when entering the station and along the platform.

The colour livery strongly emphasises the powerful expression of the front-end style.

The front-end mask is made of strongly structured shapes and volumes, expressing decision, safety and confidence.


The gangway area is wide and open for easy circulation as well as using the latest generation to offer the sensation of uninterrupted passenger area all through the train.

Handrails and grab handles are located at altitudes compatible for reach and comfort of all passengers.

The seats are in assortment of blue colours to bring visual animation and echoes the Putrajaya lake surroundings.

The draught screens are straightforward, no-nonsense for optimised traveller protection and their lightly tinted glass are of contrasting clear pattern for subtlety.

The ceiling pattern makes use of subtle graphic effects of matte and shine.

The grab poles and rails bear a sharply contrasting yet matching colour for better visibility.

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