Elevated Stations Design

The proposed design for Putrajaya Line elevated stations is based on the “Serambi” concept.

This concept is focused on inspiring interaction/ communication at a foyer/ entrance space of a house, hall,.i.e. entrance space at a “rumah kampung” or “rumah panjang”.

The design opted is a simple. timeless design: which is derived from various design concepts, including that of the Japanese “Zen” concept.

Other aspects include open space, natural lighting & ventilation, and natural visual effects via play of lighting & shadows.

Compared to the Kajang Line elevated station design, the columns have been pushed to the sides of the station, giving the station an open and airy feel.

Underground Stations Design

Each of the Putrajaya Line underground stations will carry its own individual theme.

The proposed designs range from preserving the rustic, reflecting tidal rhythm, promoting well-being, vibrancy, pulse of life, discovering culture,molding forms, inspired by nature to streamlined flow.

Putrajaya Line Project

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Putrajaya Line Project
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Putrajaya Line

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